Here is the painting I’ve done for a very cute yorkshire terrier called Gibson. Unlike the previous dog Jasper, he has a lot more short curly hair and a fluffier look. I painted him on a 50cm x50cm canvas using acrylic paint. Below are some images to show the progress of how I created this painting… :)


I was given those photos by the owner…

From those photos, I done 3 quick sketches to find out what the owner’s preferences are…

The owner came back and said she prefers the second and third one, so I decided to keep the little tongue sticking out and concentrate on Gibson’s face. I realised that most people like the portrait of their dog’s focus to be the face if the dog has a “puppy face” quality to it. It also make a big ¬†impression and gives me more space to work on the “puppy eyes”.


Here is a quick animation of how I layer the paints….

Here is the final painting with Gibson! His hair has grown a bit longer since the photos were taken, so the owner is going to take him for a haircut after this, LOL.

If you are interested in having a bespoke portrait of your pet done, please get in touch and I can provide you with a quote! :)

Cora xx