A few years ago when I was still a kid, my family traveled to Derby to visit our relatives. It was a really long motorway journey and as a child I would look out the window and pay attention to everything I saw to keep myself entertained. I remember clearly as we drove pass one of the many hills, I saw a crow “hopped” onto a sheep that was minding its own business. The crow startled the sheep and it still had a good bunch of grass in it’s mouth.

I saw it happen in a flash because the car was going pretty fast, but it made me giggled and I’ve always wanted to capture that moment of a startled sheep and the cheeky crow.

I’ve used very different colours for this painting instead of the usual bright red, I hope you will like this painting as much as I enjoyed painting it!



Acrylic in Canvas, approx : 20cm x 38cm. Date and signed at the back