Here is a set of paintings that’s similar to the one I done years ago as a present for my lovely fiance, and it’s been the most “crazy” one I’ve ever done so far (there is always time to get even more crazy!). I had a lot of positive feedback from it so I decided to paint another similar set. The paintings includes everything that we both love – cat, monkey, birds, robots and some quirky skeleton characters…

It’s hard to describe what the paintings is about but I love the fact when you put it together it completes it.  This is the painting that set my style and I continued with the vibrant theme that seemed to work well in the rest of my art.


Part 1.

Monkey sharing a banana with the cat owl….


Part 2.

Mr and Mrs Robot together on a lovely date, with a bird singing away on the branch. There is also a more subtle message in this painting, where Mrs Robot have two hearts in her tummy….  ; )


Part 3.

Two quirky skeleton characters sharing a lollipop together on a swing. This continued the theme with other two paintings about being in love and enjoying each other’s company. : )



Here’s a part of the painting in the local town newspaper….. 😀



PAINTINGS – £100 each

Please get in touch and state which one you would like to purchase , the original paintings has been sold but if you would still like to purchase them please let me know and I will paint them up on request. (please give at least 2-3 weeks for the paintings to be finished)

Approx: 40cm x 30cm x 1.7cm

Acrylic on canvas, date and signed at the back