*Time for a Walkie!*

lady walking dog

*Hello & Hi*

Hello Dog

I have always thought of myself as a cat person, but I am addicted to Dog Whisperer and I love watching dogs playing with each other on the beach. I was just doodling absence minded and this two dogs appear on my screen to say hi…

*Jack the Manly Canine*


This is a small painting I done for my friend, he likes his adventure and was participating in Movember, so I turned him into a manly canine! Woof!



*Sleepy Fish*


*Searching for Love*

searching for love

I was imagine something warm and lovely in a cold cold weather which we have recently, and the first thing came into my head was hugs (you know that phrase “I could do with a hug!” ?  … and this feeling evolved into a big, warm heart in my mind.

*Rainy Day*

Raining Days with Grandpa

I’d like to share with you something I saw which made me smile this week. It was a typical horrible British day, wet, raining and gloomy. As I was walking towards the train station I heard a buzzing sound coming towards me and sound of laughter. I looked up from my umbrella and saw this old man, zooming down the road in his scooter, and a boy laughing on the scooter with him. Both of them looked very excited and the rain didn’t dampen their spirit at all, in fact, I think it made it way more fun!! I just have to share this with you, hope we can all find some way to have fun on a rainy day like they did!!

*Cat Jaw!!*

Cat Jaw

Doodle for today: “Cat Jaw!!!” (Queue the da-dum-da-dum tune) I’ve always love the Jaw poster – think it’s



The idea came to me while chatting to my husband about our dreams… a TVR and a dog. So this image popped into my head and I just had to draw it.. hope you guys like it!



For anyone who has ever had to clean a untidy house with stuff all over the floor…. and that panic moment when you accidentally sucked up a toy or jewelry….

*My Day*

The frustration of an artist… I’m sure I can do one for teachers, parents, police… and it will be a lot more interesting than mine! :)

*Bus Stop*

A clown went for a job interview but sadly he didn’t get the job……

*Fishing for Love*

*Night at Sea*

A few weeks ago we went out on the boat for a night trip out at sea and even though it was very cold, it was a fun experience. It was the first time I’ve seen so many stars in the night sky and when I squint, I thought I can see the Milky Way. We also spotted a few shooting stars and satellites!

The sea was pitch black, deep, heavy and slightly scary. It looked like a endless silky sheet with the slow moving waves, and I thought to myself if there was some kind of creatures /sea monsters under us right now I wouldn’t be able to see them at all!  So this is how this doodle came about, I pictured happy sea monsters below our little boat, travelling and partying beneath the starry sky with us. :)

*Tug of War*

Two penguins having a tug of war – or are they trying to piece the broken ice back together?

“By the Sea”

“A Rainy Afternoon”

Maybe because of the  recent weather  this idea just popped into my head, I thought I will try something different this time, going with something that is  black and white but with  bright red in the center that catches your eyes. The city in the background is my favourite city ever – London :)  I wanted to show that even with dark/monotone colours you can still have a cute subject matter and make the whole image feels “happy”. Hope you like it!

“A lovely walk home”

Few days ago I went out to buy some pillows to replace my old ones, and after a long and grey week , Mr.sun decided to come out and play! On the way home walking through the neighbourhood, I noticed all the pets was enjoying the sun as much as I was – or maybe more. As I walked pass the fence a friendly border collie puppy jumped up and wagged his tail. A big fat lion of a ginger cat was lying on top of a red car absorbing all the sun shine and couldn’t look more relax if he tried. I also spotted a little white dog lying on top of a sofa in the neighbour’s living room, snoozing away. A butterfly also came out and flutter passed me. I hugged my  new  soft pillows against my face under the winter sun shine and walked very slowly  home. I wished I could put it down and lie  next to the cat and enjoy the sunshine  too – though it might look a bit weird…..

Ah.. little things in life that makes me happy…  I decided to doodle that little happy walk and remind myself  it’s not hard to find things to make you smile if you just keep an eye out for little the things around you! :)


Was thinking up some ideas for a possible bespoke painting, and this is one of them which I quite liked… never really drawn any ducks before, and I think they are very cute! :)


“Copy Cat”

Feeling a little bit mischievous today….. 😉

“Rescue at the service station”

Few weeks ago I went to Manchester to see my friends, and on the way back I stopped at a service station for a break.  It was a VERY busy time and there was crowds of people outside the toilet, coming in, going out, waiting, children running.. everyone walking across each other and tried to get to the toilet first, it was chaotic. I walked passed this old man who looked about 1000 years old, reaching his hand out to the crowd , I first I thought he needed help. He was slow, unsteady, but determined to walk toward female toilet and I thought he was lost, until I spotted what he was trying to do. A tiny wee old lady in red hat,with a small walking stick in her hand was trying to fight her way through the crowd to get to her husband. Eventually they reached each other and he grabbed hold of her hand firmly and together they battled their way out of the “toilet zone”. I’m pretty sure she smiled loads when he took her hand.  It was very very cute and it made me smiled loads too….

“Under the Sea”


Recently on facebook a lot of my friends are doing Movember, growing their manly face hair for the good of charities. It gave me the idea to do this quick doodle. :)  I understand its not easy with an itchy face n all!!  Please support Movember if you can!  :)

“Robot Pet”

Another doodle about doggies… I thought I will try a slightly different style this time with added textures to give it a different feel… :)

“Serious Walkie is Serious”



I have been wanting to do a painting going back to the Rennie Mackintosh style  but with vibrant colours and cuter subjects. Woke up this morning with this image in my head, decided to test it out in Photoshop first. I am pleased with how it is looking, really looking forward to painting it! Not sure about what to call it though, the name might come to me later….. any suggestions are welcome!





I’ve always have an admiration for people who are widowers, or people who lost someone they love, because they have to carry on with their lives and stay incredibly strong…

I haven’t experienced what it is like to loose someone close to me, but I can only imagine it is like having your heart rip out of you. I was thinking , wouldn’t it be nice to think that, one only feels that way  because the loved ones took the heart  with them so they can help mend it, make it stronger,  and return it to  let you that know it’s okay to move on?  : )