I have decided to go back to one of my all time favourite painting which was the Cat & Goldfish and do another one of different topic! In this painting the goldfish is being cheeky and I just really like the look on the Cat’s face, I hope this painting will bring a smile to your face too.





A quick animation of the process of creating this painting… I couldn’t decide if the cat should be facing away from the fish tank with the mouse behind him or with the mouse dangling in front of him. After much thought I think it’s more funny if the Cat and the Goldfish are faced to faced.. what do you think..?  :  )



Approx : 15″ x 8″ x 0.8″

Acrylic on stretch canvas, date and signature at the back


PRINTS – £ 28

Approx : 15″ x 8″ x 0.8″

Printed on high quality poster paper, signature at the back.  It’s also available as a print on stretch canvas, made to order, please get in contact if you wish to find out more! : )