Heeeeelllo!  My latest painting is “Waiting for my Date” is now available to purchase! (as soon as the varnish  is dry..) This piece took me almost a week because of all the delicate details of the tree….

I was surprised at how difficult it is to paint “swirly lines” actually, especially when it is on black and white, if you make a mistake it will be really obvious 😛  So I took my time and repainted them till I was happy with the overall look.  It was soooo tempting to paint the background like I did with the other piece “Crazy Jungle” (http://corasart.com/crazy-jungle)  but I thought “Hey! Let’s try it with a different shade that’s just as bright and happy”  Turns out the orange/yellow fade worked really well! *secret happy dance*

The idea came to me when I done the doodle “Untitle”  (http://corasart.com/doodle-corner) (yes I still don’t know what to call it) , the one where robots are sitting on the electric cable and birdies singing next to them. I had great response from it and I’ve been wanting to do a piece of painting which tells a story and have emotions in it.

Hope this painting brings a smile to your face, I can’t wait to start my next painting now! 😀



“Waiting for my Date”  –  £135


Here’s a closeup of of it to show the details…..



Canvas Size : 61cm x 51cm

Acrylic on Canvas (deep edge)

Price: £135 (Excluding P&P)