Hello! I had my very first exhibition in London recently and it was loads of fun!  I enjoyed spending time preparing for it, including finding a great camping table at Argos and sourcing materials for making my very first batch of gift cards!

The exhibition was at  at very cute and nice gallery called 13 the Gallery near canonbury. It had lovely brick walls which  looked great with paintings hanging on it. I also met some other artists at the exhibition, which you can find the links of at the bottom of this page. It was really nice to talk to some people about my work, see their reactions and feed backs. I sold two paintings off the back of this exhibition as well as some cards. I would love to do more exhibitions like this in the future.

Anyway, here is some photos!

Fair Photo


(Me with my most colourful top to match my paintings :)

November flyer

(the promotional flyer)




(My little table display)


photos fair




Here are links to some of the artists who I met at the exhibition, check them out!

www.mirandasofroniou.com   – Children illustration artist

http://www.robynkeirmoore.co.uk/  – Graphic texture artist

http://helenkaminsky.co.uk/ – texture/paint artist