Hello! It’s been a while since I updated any new art, so here it is! :) It is called “Letter to My Friend”.  A Kitty Cat sitting under a giant mushroom, writing a letter to her friend and a butterfly catches her attention..

I decided to continue the mushroom theme from my previous painting “Under the Mushroom”. I like how it is different to my usual style and the bright red mushroom catches your eyes.  I want to improve my skills and refine details in my art so I spent more time on the cat (especially on her big eyes and her furry coat), adding layers on the stalk of the mushroom and adding more details to the butterfly.

I am really happy with the overall look of this piece, even though it did take me longer than usual  to do. I am hoping to print it out on greeting cards and maybe even prints?

Well hope you like it! I would love to spend more time creating pieces like this , so watch this space!

Cora xx


“Letter to My Friend”

Letter to My Friend