This is the latest painting and the idea came to me as I often sits in front of my tank and stare into it  for a long long time.I find them really peaceful to watch and I believe goldfish have personalities, especially one of mine called Thumper. She’s been with me for almost 5 years now and I’m sure if she could speak we would have a really good banter. Until then I will just  have to “watch” what she has to say….


Available as Paintings and Prints

*I also do bespoke paintings, so if you would like this painting but with YOUR cat and/or YOUR goldfish, please provide me with the photos and I can paint them just for you!*


Painting – £100
Approx 60cm x 25cm x 1.7cm, signature and date on the back.


Prints – £35
Approx 24″ x 10″ x 0.75″ (18mm), High quality poster paper
Signature at the back.