Here is the painting I done as a doodle a while ago. It had some positive feedback as a doodle so I decided to paint it! I think the inspiration came from observing parents interacting with their children, I have a little brother myself and it often amuses me when my mum can read his mind and give out the “NO!” before he does anything (usually grab something he shouldn’t or opening the door).

This is the first time I work with so much blue, and I love it! It have a different kind of vibrancy about it and the painting is also larger than the normal ones I work with. I hope I can do more paintings like this soon :)


Original painting has been sold, but if you would like own the painting, please get in touch and I am happy to paint the exact same one again! Unfortunately the waiting time will be approx 2 weeks because it is painted up  on request.


PRINTS – £35

Printed on high quality poster paper, approx : 30cm x 72cm, signed at the back.