I have been meaning to paint something scenic and “nice” for a while, and been thinking up ideas/concept in my head. So one day last week in my half awake state  this image popped into my head…

I think I have  read somewhere before where a brain is most creative at a sleepy state. I think that’s true! (I also have a lot of weird dreams which I decided is a good idea not to pursue any further…)

I have been busy moving houses in the last few days so I have been a tat bit stressed.  But I am VERY happy to finally move to London and fingers crossed something exciting will happen! Also hope it will give me more inspirations for my paintings.

So this is a smaller painting, and it was difficult at first for me to paint the clouds, I actually start over twice on the canvas because I was not happy with the cartoony style I was going for at first. After some practice and lots of blue paint later, I found the way to make the clouds looks fluffy is by wetting the canvas with water and let the colour spread out itself. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It’s like another small challenge has been accomplished when it comes to my painting skills!

I think this painting summerised  the ideal “feeling” when I want to escape everyday stress and feel a moment of calm and peace. I love mother nature and there are moments in my life where I feel so blessed with not a worry or care in the world (one of them moments was sailing at night in the Mediterranean sea). So maybe the more stressed out I am, the happier my paintings? 😛

Well hope you like this painting, if you would like to purchase this original painting (£40), please feel free to get in touch or use the paypal button below. Any thoughts and feed back are most welcome!

Cora  xxx


On Top of the mountain




“On Top of  The Mountain With You” – £40

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 20.5cm x 38cm  x 1.5cm(approx)