A self portrait of Mr & Mrs Penguin paintings. This is a continued theme from my previous painting “Penguin’s Valentine”. I really like them from that painting and I decided to paint them larger so I can include more details like their furry bodies and little feather wings. There’s something about their expression which you can just tell they are made for each other! ; )   I can imagine many more cute stories  between them two love birds,  this is the beginning of the series for the penguin fans out there! : )




PAINTINGS – £ 60 (for the set)

£32 (each, please contact)

Approx : 24cm x 18cm x 1.7cm

Hand painted acrylics on canvas, date and signed at the back.


PRINTS – £30 (for the set)

Printed on quality poster paper, it is also available on printed canvas, made to order. Please get in touch to for more info!